Exciting Confidential Info On BINGAZON

PURPOSE OF BINGAZON: Help Home Service Providers get more leads and sales using Amazon listing, SEO, PPC, Social Media, etc….

  • The confidential information below is a preliminary draft in preparation for the Official Launch of Team BINGAZON on January 17, 2020, or earlier
  • The preliminary information below may help those accepted to join Team BINGAZON in planning a dependable growth and profits of their SFI business
  • This confidential preliminary information is subject to multiple revisions as I gather input from my Team BINGAZON members, with possible input from Home Service Expert Agency and SFI Corporate
  • Bing Obaldo, owner of BINGAZON.COM, is a franchise owner of Home Service Expert Agency
  • BINGAZON will use the experienced large team of Home Service Expert Agency to close all our leads and do all initial sales and upgrades. We will use the proven Franchise Funnel Pages.
  • You must abide to be a team player in my BINGAZON Agency and must follow all Rules and Policy, to earn 50% of the fees collected, including residual commissions BINGAZON get, as long as your leads convert and stay as a BINGAZON client.
  • You must stay in good standing with SFI and must become EA or higher after receiving $50 or more the prior month. You must also stay in good standing with BINGAZON to keep your Team Membership and to keep  receiving your residual commissions from BINGAZON
  • You will get paid within 15 days of BINGAZON receiving your earnings amounting to $50, as minimum balance. Your payment will be made using Paypal, Moneygram, or Western Union (Minus Applicable Fees) and/or other methods you select including SFI ways, that BINGAZON get approved to use
  • With more than $200 per month earnings, 10% will be allotted to using SFI ways to pay you. If you quit SFI or get kicked out by SFI, you lose that 10%

Best for you to start referring to BINGAZON your Localvantia and/or Rewardical merchant clients, who are Home Service Providers in the USA and UK today. Amazon is now planning to go worldwide in listing Home Service Providers and will probably add other type of Local Merchant Providers


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